Why doesn't Windows 10 support AptX Bluetooth drivers?

Why doesn't Windows 10 support AptX Bluetooth drivers?

Why doesn't Windows 10 support AptX Bluetooth drivers? This is a question that many Windows 10 users asked on Microsoft's forum.

For example, let's take the case of a Windows user who bought an EKSA Bluetooth 5 wireless trans-receiver and remained puzzled when he realized that this machine does not support AptX and HD Bluetooth 5 and won't pair with EKSA.

I recently bought an EKSA Bluetooth 5 wireless transceiver with RCA outputs to amplifier. I needed it to transmit from Windows 10 laptop to audio amplifier to improve sound quality and what do I get? After searching online I see that Microsoft does not support aptX and HD bluetooth 5 and Windows 10 ACER Laptop will not pair with EKSA. aptX has been around since the 1980's and now that many companies are switching to aptX Bluetooth 5 there is no way we can stay on this platform.

The user bitterly criticized Microsoft for this situation. He blamed Microsoft for not keeping up with the latest technology, interfering with the universal compatibility of Bluetooth technology and making Windows products obsolete.

Microsoft's support agents responded to the query. They mentioned there are two essential components for the AptX codec to be enabled.

The first one is the Bluetooth driver for the device which must support AptX from the device manufacturer. The second component is the Bluetooth audio receiver which must support the AptX codec.

Keep in mind that Windows 10 does support AptX Bluetooh drivers. However, the OS doesn't clearly show when your Bluetooth connection is using AptX.

Hopefully, Microsoft will integrate this type of information in the OSUI with the upcoming major feature update.

Meanwhile, if you're still experiencing Bluetooth issues, you may want to check out these troubleshooting guides:

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